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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the lounge forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about topics other than pr...
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Inscribed angle problem [ math/geometry question ]
Hey guys, I posted this on a math help sub reddit almost 6 hours ago, and after 6 hours of patien...
[2 replies] Last: https://www.mytutor.co.uk/blog/the-circle-theorems-you-need-to-know-an... (by lastchance)
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Challenge (1,2)
Write a constant time implementation of days_in_month(int year, int month) and days_since_january_fi...
[31 replies] Last: Last one, again with polynomials: int month_days(int m){ int x =... (by helios)
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Can I chinese mouse affect your health
Hi, I purchased a chinese affordable wireless mouse (zero reviews, found in "newest arrivals") fr...
[7 replies] Last: so that is how they are doing it! (by jonnin)
Sometimes I like C++ just fine
And sometimes I want it to burn to a very nice crisp. That and everything it ever touched. Just h...
[19 replies] Last: I certainly prefer to use auto very judiciously. I'll use it in pla... (by MikeyBoy)
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Load Beast
Hi All, Angi back again, and this time with an app that showcases my companies skills in high perfor...
[16 replies] Last: @Furry Guy Do you really think that there is actually something worth ... (by coder777)
Ring topology
Yes. Yes it was.
[3 replies] Last: IIRC, it was a rascake sockpuppet that was reported. *shrug* Yes, I ... (by Astra)
Psychological benefits of online games with GamesBX (1,2)
Well, I was about to click "submit" on the report spam dialog, but... I couldn't bring myself to do...
[26 replies] Last: Nice update, Duthomhas, honestly. :) (by Furry Guy)
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I need some pencil and paper games
I found the google play store lacks plenty Pencil and paper games in one app. I was about 2/3rd thro...
[4 replies] Last: Found a good site actually http://www.papg.com/show?2XMX (by Astra)
Another project died (My engine) :( + Source code
If you dont want read all text and just want code get here>>https://github.com/iedxgamengine/IEDX M...
[9 replies] Last: My approach to making own framework is this: implement only stuff you... (by malibor)
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What framework should aspiring c++ mechanical engineers learn
Hello, It is highly advised to learn c++, should you wish to enrol in a mechanical engineering ca...
[4 replies] Last: for visualization ... the 'big' stuff, your tools on your job likely p... (by jonnin)
by zapshe
Would You Ever Date A Stripper? (1,2)
I'm asking for reasons that might be obvious. She says she enjoys her work, and it's definitely not ...
[28 replies] Last: Surprisingly in a few ways, it went really well. I had a few ideals I ... (by zapshe)
is everything written in C? (1,2)
hi guys, so fun thought, is everything written in C and C++? straight away you are going to say d...
[23 replies] Last: I will stick with what the <random> library has to offer, my needs are... (by Furry Guy)
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What looks good on paper, but is un-ideal, and perhaps dangerous, when implemented (1,2)
Hello, forum, TL;DR: What looks good on paper, but is bad in real life I have been tasked to crea...
[24 replies] Last: the light bulbs, cars, and windmills are all mainstream. But they are... (by jonnin)
if (x in xs) ...
A few years ago on SO someone asked for a “Compact way to write if(..) statement with many equalit...
[15 replies] Last: Very nice, but wrapping a class with leading and trailing operators is... (by Duthomhas)
by zapshe
Useful Programming Languages? (1,2)
Hey guys, my CS class is dangerously easy so far, I've coded all the assignments within a few hours ...
[34 replies] Last: Looks like @rascake is back ... Yes it is me, I simply had to ask th... (by Astra)
Something that has bothered me for a while is that *nix programs natively support UTF-8 cin,cout,etc...
[7 replies] Last: [quote=jjordan33]Windows programming as in command line on a Windows m... (by lastchance)
Computer/Geeky sayings
To start it off: I would love to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code ...
[1 reply] : A saying that really is "me:" I’m not anti-social; I’m just not ... (by Furry Guy)
How long is the usual wait time for employers to respond?
I've applied to numerous companies for summer 2020 internships. Around 30 internships, but I've only...
[4 replies] Last: internships are a little different. Consider it to be 2 weeks after t... (by jonnin)
by Astra
Does anybody have proficient knowledge of Inno Setup Compiler
I know how to package an exe using Inno Setup Compiler, however, I haven't been successful in ensuri...
[3 replies] Last: Yes. What are you trying to do? Make sure the user has a specific requ... (by Duthomhas)
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